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Apprenticeship Profiles

John O'Brien
Qualified Heavy Vehicle Mechanic

My name is John O’Brien I joined Quinn Building Products Ltd in September 2010 as a Heavy Vehicle Apprentice. I completed my apprenticeship in June 2014. In conjunction with FAS I participated in a 4 years programme which entailed rotational block periods of 6 months in College and 6 months on the job based in the Garage.

While in College I covered theory and practical skills. When I came back into the work place I developed those skills further with on the job practical experience and supervision. During each block period in College I moved around various Colleges and covered different modules each term which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was based in Cork IT, Dublin IT, and Athlone IT. While in College I was paid by FAS which helped towards my accommodation and travel expenses.

After each 6 month block in College I sat practical and theory exams covering the modules I had covered in that period. While in the Garage I was also assessed by my Manager on the practical side of all tasks.

On completion of the programme I now have responsibility for maintenance and repair of heavy vehicle lorries and tailors on a daily basis. I also go out on breakdown cover if required.

I would recommend the FAS programme as I received excellent training in the various Colleges, I made good friends and I was supported by a good Supervisor in the Garage which enabled me to gain the practical knowledge and skill base. I am looking forward to taking on the responsibility and role of a mentor for new Apprentices joining the Company.

Sean Wray
Mechanical / Electrical Apprenticeship

I commenced an apprenticeship with Quinn Packaging in September 2014. I am currently working towards my level 2 qualifications. I attend South West College 2 days per week and cover electrical and mechanical modules. I hope to complete my level 2 by March 2016.

During my 3 days in work I spend most of time in the tool room working on insert changes which involves stripping the tools taking the inserts out and putting new or different inserts in. In addition I check the tools and cutting plates to ensure they are sharp enough for purpose.

I have recently been spending some time on the production floor assisting the maintenance fitters with production repairs and observing tool changes. I am learning lots of different skills on a weekly basis.

I am currently completing my work log book which details all of the tasks I have completed to date.

I am supervised every day which is very helpful as I am always guided on how to perform the tasks.

On completion of level 2 I will be able to decide if I want to progress down the Electrical or Mechanical route to complete my level 3 qualification.

I am really enjoying my time in Packaging and would recommend an apprenticeship route if you are interested in engineering.