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Graduate Profiles

Clare McCann

General Management Programme

“In 2006 I completed my degree in Media Production & Management through DCU and joined the company’s Graduate Management Programme. The diversity of the programme offered an amazing experience and structured training that involved rotating around the various divisions. My favourite position whilst on the graduate programme was in the marketing department, which included events organisation for our customer’s days in Ireland and in the UK. I obtained an ILM cert in management as part of the programme. I obtained knowledge of the different divisions, products etc which aids me greatly in my current role as Sales Analyst. I also utilise the leadership and communication skills I developed on a daily basis.”

Delores McMahon


“I began the accounting graduate programme shortly after completing a MA in Accounting. The programme supported me through the completion of my FAE’s to become a Chartered Accountant and allowed me to grow along with the Company and move into my current role as Divisional Accountant. The programme was challenging for the three years that I was a part of it but was hugely rewarding by allowing me to move from the academic world into the professional working environment.”

Noel Fitzpatrick

Graduate Mechanical Engineer

“I completed my Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with Honours at the Institute of Technology Sligo. I started working in Quinn Cement in June 2014 under a 4 year graduate programme. At present I work in the Maintenance Division, responsible for carrying out effective preventive maintenance schedules for the plant in addition to working on the mechanical side by lending engineering support to our maintenance team. I am involved in ongoing projects which involves research, planning, pricing, scheduling etc. I have had the opportunity to read technical drawings and order spare parts for various machines and appliances. I will be attending formal training courses over the course of the programme which will be aligned to my learning and development. I will have the opportunity to become a chartered engineer should I decide to take this route. I have a mentor who I meet on a quarterly basis who is there to support and provide guidance should I require it.”