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Quinn Lite

Thermal Blocks designed for thermal excellence and ease of construction

The Quinn Lite range offers highly efficient thermal blocks for use in external walls, rising foundation walls, internal partition walls and party walls between dwellings.

With thermal conductivities of up to 10 times those of conventional concrete blocks, Quinn Lite thermal blocks significantly improve the overall U-value of your build and can reduce heat loss through thermal bridges by up to 80%.

The inherent thermal mass of the Quinn Lite thermal blocks helps regulate daytime heating and night time cooling making your home a more comfortable place to live all year round.

With up to 75% recycled content and an A+ Green Guide rating, Quinn Lite thermal blocks are an excellent choice for sustainable construction.


Strong and Lightweight Thermal Blocks

Quinn Lite blocks are available in compressive strengths ranging from 2.9N/mm2 up to 7.5N/mm2 thus meeting all the regularity strength requirements across Ireland and the UK, including ROI’s Technical Guidance Document A –  2012 –  Structures (7.5N/mm2)

The strength of the block, coupled with its lightweight and thermal properties, ensures both ease of use and a strong, energy efficient construction.


Quinn Lite aerated concrete thermal blocks have a unique microcellular structure which offers exceptional thermal performance for both commercial and domestic construction projects. Strength is guaranteed with compressive strengths of up to 7.5N/mm2.

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Foundation Blocks

The full range of Quinn Lite blocks are suitable for use as rising foundation walls below damp proof course, subject to the following conditions as defined in BBA cert no. 11/4869.

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Coursing Units

Quinn Lite Coursing Units are ideal for use as a space filler, around doors and windows, for closing cavities and for making up between joists. They are a convenient method of construction rather than the wasteful practice of cutting blocks on site, incurring both expensive labour costs and loss of build time.

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Thin-joint system

The Quinn Lite Thin-Joint Mortar System is a modern innovative construction method which brings numerous benefits to the construction industry. 

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