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Quinn Lite Seven Blocks (B7)

The Quinn Lite Seven Block combines a very high strength to weight ration with an excellent thermal performance, making them ideally suited to multi-storey domestic and commercial buildings.

Thermal Performance

This thermal block has excellent insulation properties, delivering (Lambda λ) values less than 0.19W/mK. This makes our Quinn Lite Seven Blocks the best performing concrete block on the Irish market in terms of thermal performance, and ensures superior thermal conductivity. This block is the perfect solution for those wishing to minimise heat loss, save on construction costs, and aiming to achieve nZEB or passive house standards.


This high performance thermal block has a mean compressive strength of 7.5N/mm2, ensuring it complies with the requirements of Technical Guidance Document A of the Irish Building Regulations, and exceeds UK required standards.



  • Thermal Conductivity (λ) 0.19W/mK
  • Mean compressive strength of 7.5N/mm² when tested to EN772-1
  • Normal Dry Density (760kg/m³) (Suitable for use in Robust Details for party walls)
  • Certified by British Board of Agrment (Cert no. 11/4869 Product Sheet 2)
  • Moisture movement and dimensional stability comply with EN771-4
  • 100mm wide block achieves 2hrs and 4hrs fire protection for load bearing and non-load bearing walls respectively.

Performance & Properties:

BIM Objects:
Face Dimensions 440mm length x 215mm depth
Available Thickness (mm) 100  150  215
Mass per Block (kg) (including 3% moisture) 6.33  9.50  13.62
Number of Blocks per pack 72  48  32


Use Quinn Lite Seven in:

  • Partitions
  • Cavity walls
  • Solid Walls
  • Separating Walls
  • Multi-storey Construction
  • Foundations