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Quinn Lite Pac EPS 100


  • Quinn Lite Pac boards manufactured under an EN ISO 9001 Quality Management system
  • Quinn Lite Pac boards are certified by both the Irish Agrement Board(IAB) and the British Board of Agrement(BBA) for use in underfloor heating systems
  • Quinn Lite Pac boards contains a flame-retardant additive (FRA) which makes it difficult to ignite
  • For ease of installation, the Quinn Lite Pac boards can be cut to bespoke shapes and sizes
  • When correctly installed, Quinn Lite Pac boards have a service life comparable to that of the building

BIM Objects:
Length (mm) 1200; 1800; 2400
Width (mm) 600; 1200
Thickness (mm)* 25 – 100
Compressive Strength @10% Deformation (KPa) 70
Bending Strength (KPa) 115
Dimensional Stability DS (N) 5
Thermal Conductivity (W/mk) 0.036
Water Vapour Diffusion Factor, Q 30 -70
Water Vapour Permeability, ∂(mg/PaNM) 0.010 – 0.024
Long term water absorption  
– Total Immersion WL (T) 05 (Less than 5%)
– Partial Immersion (Less than 1%)
Edge Detail** Square
Approx. Density (kg/m3) 20
Fire Classification E/F

*other thicknesses available on request

**tongue and groove edge available on some boards


The correct grade of Quinn Lite Pac EPS should be specified to withstand the anticipated floor loading:

  • domestic floors – EPS 70 / EPS Pearl 70
  • commercial floors – EPS 100 / EPS 150
  • cold store floors – EPS 200

Use Quinn Lite Pac Products in:

  • Insulation for floors, roofs and walls for domestic and commercial builds
  • Void formers for bridge decks
  • Flotation units for marina’s
  • Packaging
  • Lightweight fill for road construction


2005, BBA
2005, IAB