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Quinn Precast

Quinn Precast concrete products provides a fast and economic approach to building

Quinn Building Products is an expert in all things concrete and offers an exceptional range of precast concrete products.  They are manufactured in a carefully controlled factory environment, creating a safe, strong, reliable and long-lasting construction product. 

When building with precast concrete products, a significant advantage is that all components are cast off-site and can be assembled quickly, saving time over on-site mould construction and pouring.  It is extremely structurally efficient as it can be made to the exacting specifications of the build to any size or shape. 

Quinn Precast concrete is precision mixed using other Quinn Building Products materials, offering superior strength and durability to traditional wet concrete. This guaranteed quality control means no unforeseen delays.

The density of precast concrete also assists in sound reduction, ideally suited to domestic builds and has the added benefit of being highly impact absorbent.

Precast concrete is tough and durable and has excellent exposure and fireproofing properties.

To see an example of how our Hollowcore Flooring and Precast Stairs and Landing can be used, have a look at this Case Study of a recent project.

Hollowcore Flooring

Quinn Hollowcore Flooring units are machine cast concrete slabs, with tubular voids extending the full length of each slab, creating a light weight building unit, saving money on materials and transport costs.

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Plate Flooring

The Quinn Prescast Plate Flooring system was developed following an increasing demand from the construction industry for a composite flooring system with good span/depth ratio, which is fast to install and does not require on-site propping.

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Quinn T-joist provide the prefect solution when floor slabs must be reinforced where hardcore fill is in excess of 600mm.   They also act as an ideal alternative solution when site restrictions prohibit the use of hollowcore and a suspended concrete floor is required.

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Stairs & Landing

Quinn Building Products is a specialist in bespoke precast concrete stairs and landings, with an experiences team and technically advance manufacturing facilities. 

Quinn Precast Stairs and Landings are machine cast using high quality raw materials from other Quinn Building Products divisions. The Quinn design and manufacturing facility can cater for a large variety of staircase configurations as all orders are made on custom built moulds to clients requirements

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