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Quinn T-joist provide the prefect solution when floor slabs must be reinforced where hardcore fill is in excess of 600mm.   They also act as an ideal alternative solution when site restrictions prohibit the use of hollowcore and a suspended concrete floor is required.

Quinn T-joist are manufactured on steel casting beds, ensuring consistently high quality per each joist 

A full supporting service by the Quinn Technical Team is available to assist with the of layout drawings, design details and support calculations for build requirements. 



  • When using T-joist, no special preparation is needed other than the removal of top soil and vegetation matter. Surplus clay may be deposited beneath the joist provided a minimum void of 75mm is maintained
  • It is important that all floors are brush grouted with sand and cement before any load is applied
  • When Quinn T-joist are used to form a garage floor, a structural screed using A98 mesh must be used
  • In addition to the self-weight, allowance has also been made for dead load of 2.0kN/m2 for screed and services. 100mm bearing is assumed at each support in the calculation of these spans. Load Span Table for T-joist with ordinary concrete infill blocks
  • Quinn T-joist have a minimum fire resistance of 1 hour. Ratings well in excess of this can be achieved depending on requirements.
  • Designs to resist progressive collapse are simple and economical to achieve
  • Quinn T-joist have a high resistance to the transmission of airborne sound and impact sound, and can be adapted to suit practically any requirement.


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