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Thermal Bridging

SIMS by Quinn Benefits

We’ve recently introduced SIMS by Quinn to the marketplace and have several enquiries about the new system for our Technical Team. Jason Martin has headed up the development of SIMS, and provides details of the system itself and its benefits in our latest video.  What is SIMS by Quinn? The term SIMS stands for […]

   We’re aware of a perception in the Irish market that thermal blocks are all much the same, and there is a belief that if a particular thermal block is specified on a plan, it’s perfectly fine to use another thermal block in its place. It’s a practice that we know is happening on […]

There are changes afoot in the European requirements for energy performance of buildings. These don’t come in the form of some wishy-washy broad sweeping statements, but will whittle down to the literal nuts and bolts of how we put our buildings together right here in Ireland. So to put it simply, everyone will be affected, […]

The industry is awash with talk of nZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings), and what the impact will be on Irish construction, and with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar officially announcing the upcoming Quinn Building Products sponsored World nZEB Forum, it seems the government also recognises the significance of the legislative changes here.

How do I beat the PIR insulation shortage?

PIR in construction. In this previous video, we looked at EPS insulation as a very effective alternative to PIR in floor applications. We’ve also looked in this video at our Quinn Lite Accredited Construction Details, and how they can be used to significantly reduce thermal bridging, and with that, reduce costs.

Quinn Lite and EPS Insulation Banner

    We work with architects and developers every day to help them save money, or improve the energy performance of their designs using our products. One particular house we’ve been asked to look at is a typical A3 rated, semi-detached house. The house is part of a large development of around 300 houses, so […]

  In the latest “Your Questions, Answered” video, we explore a common enquiry into our technical department relating to the use of our Quinn Lite thermal blocks below DPC, and if there is a requirement for tanking the blocks in the bitumous type substance for use in this application Full certification Firstly, it’s important to note […]

Kevin Lunney Quinn Building Products, Taoiseach Enda Kenny and Andrew Lundberg nZEBRA Ireland

An international delegation, led by the Director for Sustainable Energy of the UNECE (UN Economic Commission for Europe), Scott Foster, met with government officials and industry bodies regarding plans to introduce a sustainable building global standard on a recent two day visit to Ireland. The delegation included Dr. David Riley, Dr. Somayeh Asadi, and Lisa […]

nZEBRA Conference Ireland

Over 200 Irish construction professionals recently descended on Enniscorthy in Wexford for the first nZEBRA Housing conference, a one day event which was focused on the upcoming legislation changes which will see nearly zero energy buildings (nZEB) standards come into law. In our conference preview, we predicted that the need for skills development, and concerns […]