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Quinn Precast Plate Flooring

Quinn Precast Plate Flooring

The Quinn Prescast Plate Flooring system was developed following an increasing demand from the construction industry for a composite flooring system with good span/depth ratio, which is fast to install and does not require on-site propping.

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Eliminate on-site propping with Quinn Plate Flooring
Provides a high resistance to both impact and airborne sound
Provides Diaphragm action transmitting horizontal loadings on to the primary supporting structure
Less on-site concrete is required than with traditional Lattice Type Plate Flooring
Plate flooring offers both excellent span/depth ratio and high load capacity
Speedier on site construction
Designs to resist progressive collapse are simple and economical to achieve
Quinn Plate Flooring units have a minimum of 1 hour fire rating – BS 8110 section 4 table 4:9 (Ratings in excess of this can be achieved by increasing cover to reinforcement or by using various ceiling finishes)
Tolerances are as specified in BS 8110: Part 1: 1997 Clauses and
Performance & Properties

See product brochure for details


See product brochure for details

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