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Quinn Lite Pac Dorm

Quinn Lite Pac Dorm

Use Quinn Lite Pac Products in:

  • Insulation for floors, roofs and walls for domestic and commercial builds
  • Void formers for bridge decks
  • Flotation units for marina’s
  • Packaging
  • Lightweight fill for road construction
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Quinn Lite Pac boards manufactured under an EN ISO 9001 Quality Management system
Quinn Lite Pac boards are certified by both the Irish Agrement Board(IAB) and the British Board of Agrement(BBA) for use in underfloor heating systems
Quinn Lite Pac boards contains a flame-retardant additive (FRA) which makes it difficult to ignite
For ease of installation, the Quinn Lite Pac boards can be cut to bespoke shapes and sizes
When correctly installed, Quinn Lite Pac boards have a service life comparable to that of the building
Performance & Properties
Length (mm)1200mm, 1800mm, 2400mm
Width (mm)600mm, 1200mm
Thickness* (mm)25mm – 100mm
Compressive Strength @10% (KPa)70
Bending Strength (KPa)125
Dimensional StabilityDS (N) 5.td>
Thermal Conductivity (W/mk)0.031
Water Vapour Diffusion Factor, Q20-40
Water Vapour Permeability, (mg/PaNM)0.019 – 0.06
Long term water absorption
- Total ImmersionWL (T) 05 (Less than 5%)
– Partial Immersion(Less than 1%)
- Edge Detail**Square
- Approx. Density (kg/m3)215
- Fire ClassificationE
*other thicknesses available on request
**tongue and groove edge available on some boards

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