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Super Insulated Masonry Solution

- Up to 60% less build time versus traditional cavity wall construction

- Superior fire performance up to 6 hours fire resistance

- Save up to €7,500 versus timber frame on a pair of typical semi-detached houses

Super Insulated Masonry Solution

SIMS by Quinn is a modern method of masonry construction which combines the benefits of Quinn Lite thermal blocks with thin joint technology and a certified external insulation system. It’s a very straightforward construction method which utilises the simplicity of solid wall construction whilst enhancing the thermal performance and weather tightness of the building.

The wall consists of a 200mm wide Quinn Lite thermal block built using thin joint mortar, externally finished with an approved external insulation system and internally finished with plasterboard on dabs. The insulation thickness will depend on the U-value required.

U-ValueExternal Insulation

110mm EPS


140mm EPS


170mm EPS


200mm EPS

Guide based on Quinn Lite Pac Pearl EPS Insulation

Excellent Thermal Performance

The combination of Quinn Lite thermal block, thin joint mortar and external insulation minimises heat loss directly through the wall and at junctions.

Superior Fire Performance

Up to 6 hours fire resistance easily achievable.

Enhanced Airtightness

Thin joint mortar significantly improves airtightness of the wall construction.

Cost Effective

Saves up to 20% on construction costs versus timber frame.

Rapid Build

Single leaf construction, quick setting mortar to allow continual laying, and faster weatherproofing so internal works can commence sooner.

Zero Condensation Risk

Interstitial and surface condensation completely eliminated.

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Thin Joint

SIMS by Quinn uses thin joint technology, a well-established construction method used throughout Europe. It utilizes 2-3mm mortar joints using a quick setting adhesive in place of the traditional 10mm general purpose mortar.

With nZEB just around the corner, and the urgent requirement for rapid build housing in Ireland, thin joint masonry construction is the perfect solution for energy efficient, fast, yet cost-effective construction.

Thin joint construction brings all the benefits of a modern method of construction with all the familiarity of traditional masonry construction

  • Faster laying of bricks
  • Faster weatherproofing
  • Increased airtightness
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Improves quality of build
  • Stronger

Why adopting European best practice could be the solution to the growing pressures on Irish Construction

The face of Irish construction is changing, with pressure on Architects, Specifiers, Contractors, Builders and Manufacturers mounting to provide more housing, better, faster, and cheaper...

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