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Do I need to use a 13N thermal block in Ireland?

What are the changes to roof fixing requirements in UK and Ireland?

National BIM Council Digital Roadmap 2021: What does it mean for the Irish construction industry?

Substituting thermal blocks on site: Is there a risk to Part L compliance?

What is SIMS by Quinn and what are the benefits?

How do you ensure consistently high quality cement?

What is nZEB and what does it mean for me?

SIMS by Quinn: Super Insulated Masonry Solution

How do I beat the PIR insulation shortage?

Saving €1,200 per house with Quinn Building Products

Why choose a concrete rooftile?

Do I need to coat Quinn Lite blocks in bitumen?

Quinn Lite Comparison with Dense Concrete Block

What's the most cost effective alternative to PIR floor insulation?

How important is thermal bridging?

What blocks should I use to comply with TGD A in Ireland?

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